Kawina in concert 2018

some reactions from enthusiastic fans!

Skitta Gelencio Decmber, 9th,2018: "Waking up in the morning and with pride I watch the images of Kawina in Concert. Who would have thought, that we could enjoyed Surinamese Kawina music in Theaters of The Netherlands. I grew up as a little boy with all those wonderful Kawina sounds in Surinam and only in The Netherlands I discovered who the men were behind those kawina sounds. Back then there were no clips only the radiostations KBC and Apintie yes way back. I am very proud of the people of Surinam to see that together we can enjoy our culture together. Because one thing is for sure we all are proud to be Surinamese. I HOPE FOR MORE SHOWS, because I have miss out of all the shows Patrick Tevreden. Now I finaIly saw the face behind the familiar voice! Clifton W. Braam you have done a excellent job. Thank you for this. I am very proud of Romario Dosi & Carlos Aaron just love for what you have put down".

Patricia Chiffrun: " I have seen many concerts in my life but nowhere I have find the atmosphere so exciting, the audience so ecstatic from the excellent line up, the musical accompaniment and the performances one by one was top! It was truly unique to me. People sang loudly and danced enthusiastically on those songs. Excellent job of MC Clifton Braam. Respect for this production" ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️

Shotta Geile: "I also have enjoyed the shows thru Face Book.

It was just the bomb. Patrick Tevreden one day I will come to see your show if faith will allow it"😘😍

Dors Bianca: "Please do it again 1 more time in Rotterdam!"

Kakarichiro Naarden: "I really enjoyed the show it was Superb!"

Adeline Bijlhout: " Goosebumps  ..."😍😍😍

Merelyn Westfa-Burnett: " Nice to hear our Surinamese songs from the past with our toppers, it could not be more beautiful!"

Helbo Boldi: "Patrick Tevreden will we have in 2019 a concert again?"