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The big Surinam exhibition

Patrick Tevreden

The history of Surinam receives little attention in the Netherlands, not even in education, while the two countries share a centuries -long history. This created the ambition to show the country, the residents and its history with all the beautiful and less beautiful aspects to a wide audience. Moreover, Surinam will be independent for 45 years next year. Interest that the country deserves. Through an exhibition that, just like the country itself, is versatile and colorful and that connects, enriches and surprises.

Unexpected and personal perspectives
From surprising perspectives, the exhibition depicts countless aspects of Surinam. With eye -openers about the original inhabitants, plantation culture, slavery and contract workers, the multi -colored cultural life, the monumental city center of Paramaribo to the Surinam River and the rich flora and fauna of the country. Well -known historical moments are interspersed with personal stories. The residents literally make their voice heard, in interviews and audiovisuals.

The exhibition makers of the Nieuwe Kerk not only work closely with a multitude of museums, archives, collectors and artists in Surinam and the Netherlands. There are numerous prominent figures that are committed to the ambassador for this exhibition. From writers, historians and artists to TV personalities, generally interested and involved young people. With organizations such as Kwaku Summer Festival, Stichting Julius Leeft! , TopNotch, and Stichting Johan Ferrier Fonds and many others, joint activities are being set up. My music was used as an example for culture and music. I could be admired but also my band Sukru Sani. I thought it was an honor to be there. The show was originally from 5 October 2019 to 2 February, due to success it was extended to 1 March 2020. A total of more than 183,000 people visited this exhibition. This means that it is one of the most visited exhibitions ever in the Nieuwe Kerk.

Patrick Tevreden